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Medical Massage

A targeted treatment plan that is performed on  specific medical diagnosis's for physical health and body recovery

What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical Massage Therapy is performed on a specific medical diagnosis.


A medical massage therapist has the advanced training and experience that allows them to provide care focused on:

  • healing injuries

  • pain management

  • inflammation reduction

  • improved circulation

  • nerve compression relief

  • improved digestion

  • increased flexibility

  • the treatment of other health care concerns

What is Medical Massage

Targeted Treatment Plan

Each customer is provided with an individual treatment plan that will use a variety of therapeutic techniques and procedures specific for them, their health, and their recovery, accompanied with recommendations for a series of timed visits.

The exact techniques and procedures that are used during the medical massage will vary for each patient.



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'I am suffering from knee and back pain. I had 3 sessions with Nicolas. He helped me a lot. He is very nice man, he is listening to your problems and tries always to find a solution. I really recommend Nicolas, based on his treatments and skills. I am really looking forward to my next treatments

While on holiday I unfortunately fell & twisted and injured my lower back.  'An efective treatment plan was administered  and I was able to enjoy the rest of my holiday!

Excellent customer care - Communication - Professionalism & quality'

Elieen, Nev & Ted


My other half had never before had a massage  was suffering  a bad back ..booked him a treatment now tottaly hooked. A friend who is also a back sufferer  booked with us and was impressed said 'BEST massage' he has ever had (been all over world).

 1st class service

Colin M

Hilde L

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An individualised targeted plan for treatment of your specific medical diagnosis using the extensive knowledge of Nicolaes studies and proven combination of techniques.

 Nicolae is a healthcare professional who uses hands-on therapy, exercises, stretches, and movement education to help patients at his center in Polis, all over the Paphos district, and other areas during his home visits. 

Health Care Professional


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

Nicolae Prip

Medical Massage Therapist, BSc Kinesology, 

currently enrolled in the Master's program for kinesiotherapy, recovery and physical reeducation



  • 15 years as a massage therapist, during this time he studied different manual therapies such as Shiatsu, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Visceral chiropractic, Reflexology, and more.

  • Degree in Kinesiology and he is currently enrolled in the Master's program for kinesiotherapy, recovery, and physical reeducation.

  • Certified massage trainer of courses and classes in Cyprus and other countries.

  • Official representative for Yumeiho therapy in Cyprus & Greece 

  • Silver medalist (Freestyle-Asian category) at the Romanian massage Championship 2019

  • Judge at massage Competitions and Championships 2021
  • Silver medalist( Eastern Free Style category) at the Intercontinental Massage Championship  in Greece 2022
  • Owner of Massage Center 'Ambiental Touch' since 2014


“You don’t get results by focussing on results. You get results by focussing on the actions that produce results.”

Mike Hawkins

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