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The Thaishiyu Method/Therapy brings to you a healing system based on three main manual therapies; Thai traditional massage, Shiatsu, Yumeiho, and several secondary healing systems that its author studied and experimented with over the years.

Thaishiyu Method was created in order to provide a prophylactic effect, for the health of the entire human body.

More than that, the combination of techniques was necessary due to demand from local customers, who were looking for an efficient and rapid therapeutic manual system in order to alleviate their pain/ issues in one session, if possible.

Thaishiyu is a method of manipulation by thumbs, fingers, palms, foot, and knee without the use of any instruments, in order to apply pressure to the human body, to correct existent malfunctions, to promote and maintain body health.

Thaishiyu does not use oils or lotions,  and the receiver remains clothed during the session,  the practitioner compresses, pulls, stretches, holds, rocks, and leans the receiver's body into various positions along with key points or energetic channels.

Thaishiyu can be done either on the mattress or on a massage table.


The first level (Dan1) of Thaishiyu, is the safest and at the same time, the most relaxing combination of techniques designed to pamper the demanding receiver that asks for 'special' treatment from your Massage center or SPA retreat.

The next levels of Thaishiyu lead the Student and its receiver into the world of manual therapeutic skills, combined with deep static and rhythmic pressures. This may include, pulling fingers, toes, ears, osteoarticular manipulations, walking on the recipient's body, by palm-press, thumb-press, fingers-press, forearm-press, and foot-press, in many different positions.

Thaishiyu has proven its value with customers not only at our massage center but also at different presentations and sports events, which we participated in and received immediate feedback, such as marathons.

More than that, the founder of this healing system used a combination of Thaishiyu techniques and won ‘Silver’ place in the ‘Asian Freestyle’, category at the Romanian Massage Championship in 2019.

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